Week#13 choice poem

The Cold Light of Day. Alex de Haas via Compfight


I wake up to the bright sky outside my window

Every night hoping the days don’t go by faster

But its almost september when school comes around

but hoping that it wouldn’t

Summer are the days you hang out with your family and go to the lake

Have some hot dogs and hamburgers and sit by the fireplace

# week 8

European Parliamen Eu#PICsocial conferenceropean Parliament via Compfight European Parliament via CompfightEuropean Parliament via Compfightt   

digital footprint

Hi guys today i will be talking about my digital footprint  my digital footprint  is positive because  there can be allot  of negative post out there and i try to like not get involeved . i would be  proud to have my grandparent or my  future  grandchild to see my digital footprint.  to see what i did my hole life and see they adventures i went  on and places i been.






























































































































































































#week 5 famliy

Family photos at the Louvre   Martyn Davis via Compfight         family  -words to discribe my family are funny,fun ,creative and we like to cook in the kitchen and my mom and my sister Aundrea like to sing .my family likes to go have fun my parents both like to play baseball and my sister loves to do gymnastics  and i love to cook, organize,  and crafts  we like to go get ice cream and shop at the mall well at least my mom my sisters and i . i like to take picturs with  my poloroide . my  family is  fun.

# week4




There are hundred of families that struggle to put food on the table or at least providing for self.not as many kids get enough food in their bodies they probably get to 1-2 meals a day. in many countries that have food drives that will not be enough for won year. while they’re trying to get food for themselves they also may have pets to feed. their are some  jobs that don’t pay them enough to feed a family .and may have to work 2 jobs to feed a family .  their are some parents that  are on their own so they also might have to work 2 jobs .